One day in Karlovac -4x4 safari off road

Take a day and find out the unknown stories

You`re looking for new experiences, bored with routine and everyday life?
Then do something good for yourself, expand your horizons!
You don`t have to go far away, the adventure is here, very close to you ... You know the small town you go through on your way to the seaside, everyone knows about it, but its real beauties got to know only rare adventurers and nature lovers.
Karlovac is still the intersection of all roads, a city that connects continental Croatia with Lika and the Adriatic coast, but offers far more. The city on 4 rivers, some of which run through the center of the town, the city of ramparts, parks, the cradle of history and culture... Our task is to show you as many monuments and natural beauties in one day, to tell as many stories and legends about this city. So come on, let the adventure begin!

The tour begins with a meeting at a place called Turanj, by the Homeland War Museum. Along with the morning cup of coffee you meet your guides who will show you the war exhibits exhibited in the Museum. Then we go on a 4x4 safari ride to the slums of the Military Border.


4x4 safari driving is best experienced in ultimate terrain vehicles - Steyr-Daimler-Puch and Defender Td5. Our adventure begins on the macadam road from Turanj, next to the Homeland War Museum, leading us to the mouth of Mrežnica in Korana. After a short break for taking photos of breathtaking waterfalls and nature, we come to the Mekušje Field.
For those more demanding and experienced off-road drivers, we also offer Off Road Park Colt (1st-4th category) where owners can independently test their vehicle\'s capabilities with professional and safety oversight. We continue the safari ride of the so-called Banovci, once rich in agricultural land and for the last 25 years, unfortunately, only the infected fields. During the Homeland war, the notorious tank trench was stretched out of the cemetery at Kamensko from where the Karlovac was shelled.
Then we come to Kamensko, a village just 7 kilometers from the center of Karlovac and we stop on the river Kupa where we can see the oldest Roman port. In addition, Kamensko is famous for the church of Our Lady of The Snows and Paulin monastery where remains date back to Roman times, even earlier. Evidence that this story is true is an image in the sacristy showing the crusader found on the floor of the Church.
We continue the safari drive towards the flood-lush oak forest called Lug, which has been a rain forest for the past 25 years. There is a big chance of seeing the various kind of birds and game species, we have a pause for taking photos of this location.
So, little by little we come back to the muddy road of Mekušje field through various agricultural cultures, and we come to the mouth of river Korana in river Kupa where we take a one more break for taking photos. In the summer days you can take a swim and freshen up.

Aquatika Karlovac

After knowing historical sights of Karlovac and its surroundings through 4x4 safari drive, it is time to experience the miracle of modern technology and civil engineering. The only freshwater aquarium in Croatia and this part of Europe - Aquatika.
More than 100 species of fish, over 40 endemic species, 26 aquariums, about 5,000 units, all in one place along the shore of the Korana river (to be precise, below the shore). The fish in the water is first seen from above, by walking along the river, then by the side looking under the water surface. As we track the river flow, we hear the river flowing, and then the sounds gradually fall off. We are in a cave designed for the Aquatika where we can encounter endemic species that are mostly found in the Croatian rivers. Then we pass under the aquarium tunnel, over the pond with finches, crabs and species that are allowed to touch. At the end of the exhibition, we come to the sedge barriers, a system of several aquariums floating over the waterfalls. The Aqiatika represents the flora and fauna of Croatian rivers and lakes, geological past, traditional culture and the history of the four Karlovac rivers - Korana, Kupa, Mrežnica and Dobra. It`s worth seeing it, is not it?

Sightseeing of Karlovac

Only 50 kilometers southwest of Zagreb, Karlovac is an ideal place to spend a day in nature and to explore the cultural and historical sights. It was built in the 16th century for the purpose of defending the Turkish invaders, and it`s as unique city core was built in the form of a six pointed star. Today, the star shape can be recognized from the air and is best seen through the numerous moats. There are several in the center, and those in Perivoj and on the promenade next to the Forestry arboretum are at our fingertips.
At the central city square, today Ban Jelačić Square, we come to the church of the Holy Trinity and the Franciscan monastery, which keeps a collection of artworks of the monastery and church treasures. Given that this is the center of the city, this part we visit on foot. A walk on the fresh air is always a good idea. We come to Strossmayer Square, also within the Star, where the City Museum is located in a palace dating back to the 17th century. In front of the museum we can see the remains of the Chapel of St. Joseph from the same century. Here we take a break for making beautiful photos
Throughout history, Karlovac has become the most important trade town between the Adriatic coast and Podunavlje, and even today it is famous for historical roads - Karolina, Lujzijana and Jozefina. The importance of the city as a trading and traffic center is shown on a milestone monument that shows the distance of most important centers.
When in Karlovac, it would be a shame not to look at the Zorin Dom - theater that was built by the first Croatian singing company Zora in the 18th century. In addition to theaters, Karlovac has a whole range of primary and secondary schools, than were among others, attended by Nikola Tesla, Mirko Seljan, Stjepan and Antun Radić, Ivan Goran Kovačić and other celebrities.

Visit to the Old Town of Dubovac

After a pleasant walk through the city center, we continue our drive towards the place you simply have to visit when in Karlovac - the Old Town Dubovac. Built in the 13th century, its permanent exhibition shows of the magic from that times on the best possible way. Every summer in the Old Town a Fair of Ownership is being held, where live knights and court lures come to life. You must not forget to climb on the viewpoint, where you can see whole city of Karlovac . In warmer days, the atrium of this cultural building is often a place where numerous concerts, theatrical and dance performances, exhibitions and other cultural events are held. Recently, a new bistro bar Kastel was opened, which offers traditional dishes prepared in a modern way and the offer is complemented by Croatian wines and crafts. We can agree that there is no better way to end the visit to Karlovac than good food and fine glass of wine or beer. Cheers and we hope to see you again!

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