4x4 Safari Kamensko and AQUATIKA

Guests of largest freshwater Aquarium can get a tour with one of the ultimate SUV - Land rover Defender Td5 and Steyr-Daimler-Puch.

Welcome to Karlovac - city on 4 rivers...

After 15 minute drive over muddy fields in the nearby Mekusje fields over different types of terrain we come upon confluence of Korana and Kupa rivers with a break for taking photographs or to take a swim in summer.
Drive is continued toward oak forest named Lug where we again pause to try to see an array of birds and wildlife.
Finally we come to Kamensko where we pause at the river Kupa and the Church of Our Lady of the Snow and the Pauline Monastery whose older remains date back even to the Roman era and even earlier. On Big Friday food is blessed and consumed on Easter (cooked ham, eggs, horseradish, onion).
It is possible to take a dive to wooden ship from 1st century close to one of the oldest Roman ports in Kamensko.

Aquarium Karlovac

The only freshwater aquarium in Croatia and this part of Europe

Over 100 different species of fish, 40 of them endemic, over 5000 specimens in 25 tanks.
Fish can first bee seen viewed from above, by a walk along the river, then from the side, looking beneath the water surface. While the visitors follows the river flow, the sounds of the river flowing are following them. AFter that sounds subside, and the visitor descends into the cave where he can see endemic species of the Croatian rivers that are mostly found in underground streams. After the underground river re-emerges in the lower course, you can see fish swim with herbs that live in warmer parts of the river. Then you pass under the tunnel aquarium, and a small bridge over a pond with water lilies, reeds and species that are allowed to be touched. The end of the exhibition leads to travertine barriers, systems of several aquariums cascading over waterfalls. Aquarium presents the flora and fauna of Croatian rivers and lakes, geological history, traditional culture and history of the basin of four Karlovac rivers - Korana, Kupa, Mrežnica and Dobra.

4 x 4 vehicle

4 x 4 tour in Puch G and Land Rover Defender
possible additional organization after or during the tour. Lunch or dinner (additional surcharge)
pictures are included in the package
accident insurance included
departure depends on customer request, the tour takes about 3 hours with a possible extension upon client\'s request

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