7-day trekking over Velebit

Visit a bear sancuary, try local cuisine or enjoy a snowball fight in summertime by visiting caves hidden from sunlight. These are just selected activities in our ultimate adventures offer.

Croatia is an amazing country known for its wonderful sea but you also have a lot to see in the heart of Croatia.
If you are looking for hiking, sightseeing, active holiday and at the same time relaxation you will be at the right place.
In this tour you will spend a week on trekking through Croatian mountain areas of Gorski Kotar & Lika which are a part of Dinarides. You will see three National parks, two Nature resorts and the capital city Zagreb or National park Plitvička jezera.
In summer time when flora and fauna are most prominent you will see amazing colors that nature has to offer: turquoise springs, spectacular views of rocky formations, snow white waterfalls and rocks, and amazing views from high mountains of Risnjak, Velebit and Bijele & Samarske Stijene...


After Arrival in Croatia your guide will be waiting for you at Zagreb or Rijeka airport (Split, Zadar & Pula upon request). You will be transferred to your accommodation situated 100 km from Zagreb and from Rijeka in spa oasis Lešće on river Dobra. After settling into your room, you can have a drink, meet the other members of the group and your guides over dinner and discuss the upcoming itinerary. On the third to fourth day of trekking we will sleep in mountain hut on mountain Velebit.
Every day you will have breakfast & dinner in your pension. For lunch you be able to order a lunch box.

Day 1 & 2, Sunday & Monday: Trekking in NP North Velebit (Sjeverni Velebit)
After breakfast transfer to starting position of our two-day trekking tour in NP Velebit. First day we will pass through botanical garden of National park and through few educational paths up to mountain hut Zavižan, which is 7 km of trekking. There we will spend the night and next day continue with the 2nd day trekking to Alan peak. You will see spectacular views on Dinaric peaks, karst reliefs, endemic plants and many more. We will visit a few mountain peaks over 1700 m. We will be able to prepare lunch in the mountain hut. Two days activity.

Day 3, Tuesday: Hiking on Bijele & Samarske Stijene
After breakfast transfer to starting position, which is 1 h drive away. Then start our hiking trip on Bijele & Samarske Stijene. We will be able to have a lunch in the mountain hut. Trip takes about 6 h.

Day 4, Wednesday: Hiking in the National Park Risnjak
After breakfast transfer to NP reception. You will see nice views and breathe fresh mountain air. We will hike on 1528 m above sea level on top of mountain Risnjak. You will see wonderful views of whole Kvarner bay and, weather permitting. the Alps on other side. After descending from the top we will have a break in a mountain lodge. Don\'t worry, hiking doesn\'t take so long, we will come with a van to approximately 750 m above sea level. Dinner in the pension.

Day 5, Thursday: Zeleni vir & Vražji prolaz
After breakfast transfer to our base camp which is on the beginning of our canyon tour. Here begins our trip, we will trek first to turquoise source of a beautiful small river Kupica and after to Devil\'s Passage, a deep, specific canyon with a 70 m waterfall called Zeleni Vir. After sightseeing at the source of river Kupica we can take a lunch break at the resort\'s restaurant. After lunch we will continue with our tour through canyon Devil\'s Passage, a deep canyon within the resort area where we offer canyoning tour in rainy season.

Day 6, Friday: Zagreb tour
The capital of Croatia, Zagreb is always interesting to visit, especially in summer time when there are no traffic jams. You will be guided through the center of the city up to the upper town. You will see nice parks, squares, cathedral and hear the story about Zagreb. You will also be able to do some shopping.
Trekking at Plitvice lakes
At 11 h we will arrive in NP Plitvice .
On our way to Plitvice Lakes you will get the information about what we going to do in the Park. You will see the most beautiful waterfalls in Europe and the cleanest water ever. The trekking will take about 3-4 h. You will descend the sandy trail down the hill where you will have an unforgettable view over the lakes. We will also pass a few bridges that go over the lakes. You will have the pleasure of tasting the fresh water from the big waterfalls.

Departure Dates, Options & Prices

May 7 - June 11, Sept 3 - October 1: 1570 euro
June 11 - September 3: 1690 euro
Group arriving & children from 8 -14 y.o. 10% discount.
Months Operating:
May, June, July, August, September

Prices include:
• transfer from airport and local transfers
• 6 nights accommodation *** with breakfast and dinner and 1 in a mountain hut
• 6 days organized and guided trekking and hiking activities
• guides and assistance
• insurance
• Risnjak, Plitvice Lakes National Park and other entrance fees

Prices exclude:
airfare to and from Croatia, sportswear, personal items, lunch box and picnics.

Mode of transportation: Van, 4x4 vehicles

Discovery trekking
Open fire cooking

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